About us

Propagating, growing and nurturing new plants is the passion that drives Privileged Plants. Specialising in cacti alpines and succulents, the range has steadily grown with the majority sown from seeds or cuttings in our own collection so that we know the origin and history of the plant.

We sell our plants while they’re still young, so they remain affordable and easy to transport. As collectors, we understand the enjoyment is in finding the species, variations to add to your own collection and helping them grow.

We are always happy to advise on the best type of pot, watering and feeding so your new plant thrives. All our orders by post will be supplied with a plant passport, this is an essential requirement to protect plant health in the UK.

Plastic is bad – what we do.

We don’t deny that plastic is bad but you’ll find that plant growers use their pots hundreds of times. We’ve got pots that are over 30 years old. We don’t mind if it’s chipped, dirty or not the right colour for our windowsill. Besides, you’re going to repot your plants as they grow and no doubt have something in mind which is just right.

When we post our plants to customers, we often send them bare root. This means we post them in protective paper and reuse the pot.  This also allows inspection of the roots for mealy bugs, a problem not discovered until you get the plant home when bought in a pot. At fairs and events the pots are useful to get your plant home. As you grow your collection, we’d urge you to re-use your pot for seedlings, cuttings or to pass onto other growers.

When we sell our plants by post, we use brown cardboard boxes and paper tape. Where possible we recycle packaging we have at home so we cut down on waste and reuse it. You might not be getting a pretty package through the post but you will get a sustainable one. That’s important to us.

A limited range

Garden centres, nurseries, and the growing number of plant shops are brilliant at what they do. There’s no denying they can provide the latest trends at great prices and we’re susceptible to a little browse ourselves.

Our interest stems from a lifetime of building a collection. After 35 years of collecting cacti and succulents, there’s many more we’d love to try and grow. That’s what it’s like when you start to collect and we know there’s a lot of us about. Privileged Plants grows the varieties that are harder to find and we sell them while they are relatively young and small. This makes them affordable and easier to take a risk on. With many less than the price of a good coffee you can start a collection relatively cheaply.

Our team

Established in 2018, Dr Lee Hunt began Privileged Plants to share his enthusiasm for cacti, succulents and alpines. With professional expertise in plant biology and a lifetime of collecting plants, it was only natural to start a business in the same field.

Lee is a member and volunteer of the British Cactus and Succulent Society as well as the Mammillaria Society.